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Items Donation:
Donors can donate any items or materials which are required for the hostel. Please contact Chief Warden J. Satyanarayana Reddy or any of the present governing body members to find out the items required for the hostels.

Below list of Items are required for Girls Hostel.
S.No. Items Required Quantity
1 Bunker Cots 270
2 Sponge/Coir Beds 540
3 Pillows 548
4 Bed Sheets 1100
5 Dining Tables 125
6 Chairs 200
7 Library Room Material and Books  
8 Steam Cooking System for Kitchen 1
9 Cooking Vassals  
10 Solar Water Heating System 1
11 Lift 1
12 Generator 1


Contact numbers for donations are given in Contact Us page.

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